The Rotary Club of Lower Blue Mountains is sponsoring a wonderful young girl in Kenya and is proud to share an update.


Edna is a very good and hardworking girl. The problem comes when she sees television! She will seize from doing even important issues just to go and watch. The aunts have been complaining to me severally about such behaviours. For instance, normally during the weekend, all the girls plait their hair on their own, then they are plaited by Aunt Lozi mostly on Sunday ready for school. All the girls will do so apart from Edna. Even if she is told by the Aunt to do so she will only say yes then continue watching. One weekend she watched while her colleagues were being plaited. She didn’t bother until it got very late.

 Screen Shot 2021 09 30 at 2.51.09 pmAfter having her supper, she then went to bed. The following morning she went to school with shaggy hair and got into trouble with the teacher for not being neat. She was plaited on Monday in the evening when she came from school. I was also told that the same weekend she didn’t bathe until Monday morning when she was going to school. In other words, she stayed for two days without showering. She also did not wash her clothes, thus the aunts made her go to school with dirty clothes. She took advantage of leaving her clothes dirty because she knows the Aunts would wash them for her, but this time they did not. It is a girl’s duty to wash her own clothes at Edna’s age in Kenya. That evening I talked to her but as usual, she doesn’t talk. I told her to wash all her dirty uniforms and panties. I again told her she won’t be watching television until she still finishes unfinished work and she has obeyed since this time.
She also on a Friday mostly the children don’t do their homework because on Saturday they don’t go to school. While the other children were doing their homework on a weekend she was busy watching TV. She was told to do her work but she wouldn’t listen to the Aunts. She woke up in the morning when the school van was near and was asking Aunt Agnes to teach her the homework because she didn’t do even one little bit. Before even she could start, the school van arrived and she went to school with unfinished work and she got into trouble.

Screen Shot 2021 09 30 at 2.55.54 pmThe following week was during half term she cleaned everywhere in their room. She took all the mattresses out, washed all the beddings, and cleaned the windows thoroughly even withoutbeing told. She was doing all that while the rest of the children were watching. I think she did that as I had warned her to suppose I get any reports concerning the same issue then she won’t be watching television at all until she changes her behaviour. This has indeed worked as she was not listening to the Aunts and thought she could get away with this behaviour. She was also concerned Mamma Chapati (Mamma Cathy from Australia), might come and not be happy with her.

She has really improved academically. She not only can read a passage but also can understand what it means and answer the questions correctly in English. Only a few words are the ones which she may need to ask the meaning of the teacher. She is also disciplined and helpful. She would ask for permission to sweep the class in the evening if they are done with classes. Her teacher is so much impressed with the new Edna.

She is healthy and has not become sick the whole month.




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