The Cancer Council was hit by a $30m fundraising shortfall


The Club held a weekly catchup zoom meeting. We were very privileged to hear an excellent presentation from Alex Forster, a Cancer Council volunteer and ambassador, on how the Council raises funds and how those funds are disbursed. The breadth of their activities, including life-saving research, prevention, advocacy, information, education and support services, is truly amazing. Also, the Council's funds are 95% sourced from donations, and only 5% of their overall income is spent on administration, with the remaining 95% being used on their activities for the people who need them most.

Against that background, the Cancer Council was hit by a $30m fundraising shortfall across Australia in 2020 compared to 2019. A huge black hole will have ramifications for their activities in the coming years as these are prioritised to fit available resources.

But, it's not too late to donate, and anyone who hasn't done so but would like to please log in to our own "Rotary Flowers forDaffodil Day Cancer Research page and follow the "Donate" prompts. Initially, I set a modest target of $400 but let's reset this to $1,000 as, thanks to fantastic support from Rotarians, we have $703 in the fund so far, with another $250 coming from our Club.

There is a Cancer Council support line 13 11 20 available to anyone, be they a cancer sufferer, a family member or a friend needing any support. They will be directed to an appropriate professional for advice, support, guidance or simply a listening ear. Further information can be obtained by logging onto the Cancer Council's web page.

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