Club Car Rally

On February 28, 2021
Categories: car rally

The Social Team devised this event to allow our Rotary families to enjoy some time out and about in a COVID responsible way.

We encourage you to treat the day as a picnic and bring along your lunch, morning tea, refreshments, chairs, rug, table etc. to enjoy.

To beat the traffic and allow you plenty of time, we are making an early start – 8.00 am – from the Emu Sports Club Car Park. Come along, have some fun answering the observation questions along the way – we get you out of your car a few times to stretch your legs– and at the end is our Mystery Destination! There is a socially distanced comfort/morning tea stop in a Park (BYO) where you open your Stage 2 instructions. If you get lost, or it becomes too much a sealed envelope will give you all the information you need – everyone who makes it to the end has a chance to earn a prize. 

RSVP as soon as possible. Looking forward to a fun day! 

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